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फुलबुट्टे चोलि साघुरो भयो रे पार्बति राईको ,शंकर बिसि के भन्छन त साघुरो चोलि हेर्दै❤️❤️❤️❤️New folk song by Purna pariyar and Devi garti magar

14961458_1613482192286148_523619957_ncultural diversity and welcoming people with big hearts are always you can find in the country of biggest mountain in the world and we all loved our country.Our cultural values are very popular and unique from any other country.We may be poor and we may not have accessory but we do have big heart we value our culture with great prosperity.

We would like to introduce Mr.purna pariyar who was born in Lamgung Nepal where he grew up and learned his life a lot.Being a middle-class family is hard and always challenging but Mr.Purna never let that happen and enjoyed his life full of courage and spread his loving hands towards his parent’s motivation


His parents had a local musician band where they always go  to local programme and entertain people with their talent and Mr.Purna also used to sing and dance at the same time his parents create a music for him and everyone admires his talent even he was nothing but the small kid and didn’t know much about music.14958978_1613482202286147_1824185907_o

Mr.Jeet Bhadur and Mrs.Ati rupa Pariyar always loved him more than anything and he was a loving child with great humour.Even without taking care of them they always took care of Mr.purna pariyar.In spite of knowing that he is going to miss his family purna decided to move different location in Nepal to take care of himself and career opportunity.

however ,many children had a good life and great accessory but despite being poor and not able to handle the situation purna held most difficult time of his life.Playing bansuri is his best thing to do when he got no one around him .He moved to Manang,Mustang ,Kaski and Kathmandu  and when he spoke with I was jealous of him because he was already in the heaven and I wasn’t able to go there.

Mr.Purna Pariyar is currently living in Brisbane Australia and pursuing his dream career singer and composer.He is now very new in the music industry but he had already brought some successful music among us.In 2015 he released one song dhati dhati and now we have another blockbuster lokdhori song Fulbutte Choli with devi garthi magar.

Our renowned MR.Shankar Bc and Parbati rai are playing in this video and they nailed it with their performance.With talking to chheparo Mr.purna pariyar mentioned music more like a sex and we can’t deny the truth that we all live with music and it is around us.Music brings more audience together and more girls liked him for his melody voice and great humour.

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