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Govinda Gaire and his Admirable work

pull your eyes and see it through and you will be able to feel the real pain of dedication and determination of intellectual behaviour by your footprints.Creating your desire and tolerating all aspects of shameful activity by our modern day’s aesthetic  character is always a challenge and my mother Mina Kumari  gaire and my loving brother never let that happen and gave courage to my intelligence and motivation.13734940_1089989987757290_6405284797027303580_o

I was born in a small village of Nepal Kanchanpur where I do have the best memory than any of my friends and I had my beautiful family who took care of me in my every move and I never can explain or write that feeling of love in my deep inside.Playing with dust and wasting time with my colleague with no profit were the best time of my life and they never fade away from my memory.

Like everybody said,my mum scolds me many times because I did spend time with friends just playing some games but I never felt that way of she did to me and always kept that in mind that I was just being loved more than yesterday.To rise and shine I went to school in kanchanpur Durga mabi and college Siddhartha science college.14907856_1311012692243604_1935692270_o

I respect each and every individual and admire their intelligent so that they could be another great man with the great heart inside them with the feeling of they should have gotten family love like mine.I was always a boy who like dance and music.Every time I get free time I like to listen to music and watch the movie .When I started working in media industry everyone admires me of my work.

I wish I had my whole family together but unfortunately, my dad Nanda lal gaire had passed way but today I still have my wife  Binita acharya beside me with lots of support and motivation .i would not be here without her support and care.Even when I  wasn’t shaved she still tells me I am the most handsome man in the world  and she still kisses me  even if  I smell  after work.

I am currently living in Brisbane Australia  and working hard for my better future and i am still working for music industry where I could show my ability .i had worked in many songs but today I would like to introduce my latest music video hope you will like it.I would like to spread one message that please help the needy people and don’t forget who you are and where you came from ,your identity is your destiny.